Romana orchestra is unique in Greece and its main purpose is to promote the classical works of the Ancient Greek, Byzantine and contemporary music which are left on the margins of the Greek reality, due to geopolitical  geostrategic geo economical  reasons.

Today, the conditions are mature enough, and the necessity for these compositions to be published is as immediate as ever before, as our era is one during which the manners and customs are threatened by alienation and enslavement to a morality of commercialization of the Greek way of life.

30 instruments constitute the basis of the orchestra which can be potentially expanded with 50 more. It includes all the instruments of the Rum-Greek tradition, that is, kanuns, ouds, violins, wind instruments, percussion, every kind of bowed instruments, lutes of Constantinople, dulcimer, tamboura. The orchestra includes instruments of western culture which are orchestrated in such a way as to serve the eastern classical music, that is the Byzantine.

The most important Greek virtuosi of their kind take part in this orchestra  under the artistic and musical  direction of Manolis Karpathios.

The repertoire includes  works of Rum composers who acted in Constantinople from the Fall to the present times,  orchestrated works of church music by the most important Byzantine and post Byzantine composers, as well as valid performances of Ancient Greek music.

The target of this orchestra is also to assign the creation of compositions based on the ancient Greek and by extension Byzantine music system to contemporary experts of this kind of music.

The music of the Greek East is founded on a totally different theoretical and practical basis than that of the west. For this reason, the symphonic orchestras of the west cannot even approach Byzantine music works. Romana orchestra comes to bridge this gap with all the scientific team surrounding it.